World of Warcraft: Patch 9.0.5 (Part 2)

Let’s start with one of the most important element of the dungeons and the raids. Balance is extremely important when it comes to those aspects of the game. It is important for the developers to find the soft spot in terms of difficulty in order to keep the players interested, especially when it comes to MMORPGs. The new patch has made changes to Castle Nathria, the Halls of Atonement, Sanguine Depths, Theater of Pain and to the Mythic Keystone Dungeons. The changes to Castle Nathria have been added to the patch notes at the last minute and here is what they look like:

Castle Nathria

  • With the closing of the Alliance Hall of Fame, cross-realm Mythic Castle Nathria will be available for all players starting on the next raid lockout for each region.
  • Council of Blood
    • Castellan’s Fury’s effect has been reduced by 15% on Heroic and Mythic difficulties.
    • Veteran Stoneguard have had their health reduced by 10% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Veteran Stoneguard have had their melee damage reduced by 10% on all difficulties.
    • Veteran Stoneguard’s Sintouched Blade now casts less frequently on all difficulties.
    • Reduced the damage of Dancing Fever by 10%.
    • Dancing Fools have had their health reduced by 10% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Reduced the damage of Soul Spikes by 5% on all difficulties.

The next section of the patch notes concerns Items and Rewards. In that regard, Blizzard has made the community voted mount, The Wandering Ancient, available in the game. Players will now be able to upgrade the gear they get from Mythic Keystone dungeons with a new currency called Valor. Players can obtain Valor by completing Mythic Keystone dungeons and covenant Callings. The weekly Valor cap has been fixed to 5000 and that number is set to increase by 750 each week. The patch has also fixed some drop rate issues and made some welcome adjustments to several items.

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