Casinos like it when you win –here’s why

When first getting into casino games, it might be easy to assume that the house wants you to lose. After all, there’s a stigma regarding the ‘house edge.’ A casino is a legitimate business – they prefer making money than giving it away, surely! However, what may surprise you is that this is not necessarily so cut-and-dried.

Casinos want people to win! Whether you are playing games online or are taking on blackjack or roulette in Vegas, big wins keep gaming lounges going. From the best NJ online casino to big resorts out in Nevada, casino operators need players – and there’s a reason why winning isn’t going to put you in their bad books.

Winners help to promote casinos

 Without legitimate winners, casinos have no clear way of enticing new players to their tables and games. Look at it this way – if a casino claimed to be giving away big prizes but showed no evidence of that being the case, many players would likely be very wary.

That’s why casinos love big wins – while they are generally rare due to odds and probability – if they can afford to give enormous sums away, they will. That encourages people to keep coming to their casino over others – and as you can imagine, it’s a mutual relationship.

Players want a chance to get to the big prizes, and casino owners want to assure these players that the chance is legitimate. Therefore, if someone does manage to win big on slots or cards, it’s all to the house’s benefit.

Casinos are well-prepared for big wins

A further argument is that legitimate casinos are prepared for big wins – in that they have accounted for such jackpot prizes to be given away. Therefore, they may not have any strong feelings either way on whether players win big!

You need to consider the odds and probability at stake. Huge prizes and jackpot chances are often so large that they rarely occur from day to day. That means a casino is unlikely to see a big hit from big wins, providing they have lined up the odds efficiently enough. It’s why there is such a thing as the house edge –

so that the business can keep making money, and players can keep winning big prizes.

Winners inspire growth

Ultimately, big winners – legitimate winners – help promote that a casino is true to its word; it is great for attracting more players. Big prize pools are potent marketing tools – providing that players who win don’t cheat. It’s why card-counting and other shortcuts to prize-winning are considered so ‘black hat.’

Casinos have been around for a long time. Therefore, it’s a business model that works the world over –

happy customers and happy casino owners are very easy to come by! Therefore, don’t feel too guilty if you’re lucky enough to come away with a big prize any time soon.

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